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  1. rev 2 vented supersonic super blast 2-4 and the 4-8 Phase 1 and phase 2 sport kites annnnnnnnnd... backtracker
  2. Great stakes mate,where did you get the heads from.

  3. Just below the headlight....... and the forks can extend another 44 inches from a slip joint that runs into the outter tube
  4. I'll be there Sunday with a few ground display items SLKs , buggys .....and rev 2s
  5. that's about all I ever fly now are rev 2s and I taught my wife to fly using a rev 2
  6. any white logo rev 2s photograph? I had one at one time until I turned it into something else I still might have part of the sail some place from what Lolly said that 10 are out there
  7. +1 on the bose.... I have a set and all I have to say is WOW!!!!!! like you I never care for buds.
  8. Let my check dbl. check the panel layout....
  9. Viper U could shoot the stencil with some 505 spray glue on the back side . stick it ..........then spray it bada-bing bada-boom Try to stay away from the 3M spray glue waaaaaaaay to tacky to clean up afterwards......... you'll be cursing trying to removing the stencil w/505 .... your stencil will come right up w/ little effort + clean up with mild soap and water
  10. stabilo pencils from art stores.... but to transfer an image to fabric ,I first was using a opaque projector that mirrors the image via photograph .. I always had a problem drawing LARGE images so this made it nice... now my son lets me use his HD diggy projector that plugs in a lap-top for sharp detail and as large as a house if you wanted + it stores my projects and can play around with the images crop ,color ect ...... the flaming skull FLAMES was free hand.............. but I'm getting much better sketching larger images from what I been use to I alway told my wife when I spent x amount on this kite or that kite, time this many times " you know I could do this" so she got me a sewing machine and said you got the talking part done and that was all it took ...... that and ALL the masterpiece revs were 1.5s so I got er done! dive in and just have fun at it ....... like kites FUN!!!! the more you get behind the sewing machine the better you get at it.......
  11. vented rev 2 = zero pull.......... but dive stops suffer also the rev 2 non vented works just as well in upper 20+ winds w/o having the pull as you would from lets say the 1.5 ...stock sail and frame in as low as 4mph winds by swaping out line sets even less on a few custom ones I have but I haven't gotten indoors with it yet. the p200 is not bad for LE and down tubes for a rev 2 and not as bad as I expected to be, I also went as far as 1/2oz sail and lighter LE material so I can,t give a honest response to how the affect will be on a stock sail........... How ever the short time {3 hrs}I had with the race rods and one of my other revs2 before some stupid human and a dog{human, not the dog since I told Hu8 to harness the dog } put an end to my enjoyment and positive feel through the handles with the race rods by destroying the frame...... race rod felt better in the rev2 Watty I'm curious on the results you'll get with the rev2 and race indoors
  12. sewing is the best bet, some skills involved like anything else{i'm still learning} but the design will last longer here I use some fabric spray to achieve the two tone color on the flames and stitched up the rest I still want to get more involved with the panting aspect of fabric to high light and shadow images
  13. paint master work well and doesn't add THAT much weight ,I been pretty impress with it and holds up well to the elements in fact holds the color better than the actual factory fabric dyes from the many test samples I set outside...... it will crack if you crease/sharp fold the fabric ... roll up the finished material storing it away occasional contact with surface like sand or contact with other items like custom rev kite bags doesn't seem to be to much a factor, then again I haven't pushed how much or how far it will take before it starts to damage the design quote; critical to humidity and temperature. Thats about the only item I'm dealing with, it's not a huge factor but being in the body shop biz for a long time, laying down the paint is alot different on fabric. OH! make sure you paint in a WELL ventilated area and wear a mask............ the one time I thought I was OK to spray .....dang! I mean DANG!!!! use light applications from cans........... airbrush should have better control Some of Scott Hampton work http://picasaweb.google.com/mshampton2
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