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Just ordered a progressive stack

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I'm actually getting impatient waiting for this thing.. pfffft, me of all people. This is unusal, I really hope its worth it! :)

"really hope it's worth it"? Are you crazy!? how could it NOT be worth it. Just think how long antman had to wait for his race rods.......and he LOVES those things and will tell you that THAT was worth it.

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Sorry that i cannot do, i have a three hour break in the weather out here on saturday, if it weren't for the fact that there is no way i could get out of work i would. I'm "the close down the shop guy" which i guess is a form of job security but some days its [self sensored] annoying. well i will try and get some pics, and once i can set a date for a friend to do some vid taping i'll see if i can post another vid for fun.

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Yes, well i let lolley have fun, and she didn't disapoint me at all. She even got one of her co-workers to send me a picture of the rev 2 via her cellphone, since she couldn't get the scanner to work. Once again Rev has gone above and beyond the call of duty. Here is a pick of me trying not to get myself pulled into the ocean today.


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Daryld received his progressive train yesterday.

I took it for a spin and I found it to be very well balanced. It flies as good, even better then any of my progressive trains that I made years ago.

Daryld flying them:

post-41-1194807965_thumb.jpg post-41-1194807976_thumb.jpg



Darlyd rolling them up:


where was this flying done

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The photos from Cape Fear were from last weekend. Temperatures were actually pretty nice! We had a lot of fun and lots of Rev flyers at the event. Everyone needs to come down for the Third Annual Cape Fear Kite Festival, tentatively scheduled for the first weekend in November, 2008!


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