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  1. Baloo, I agree with the 3-stack of Rev 2's. A 3-stack of 1.5's pulls too hard for me (I'm a little guy and too old). But the Rev 2's are a lot of fun. And look great in the sky also. Doug
  2. I'm really glad to hear the suggestion about more brake when flying the Rev I. I have the 2-wrap spars and 15" handles and I experienced the same thing with the control. Also, it had a tendency to fall out of the sky (I'm sure my lack of ability also had something to do with it). So next time there's light wind, I'll try the I with 15" handles and more brake. I'm interested to see how it works out. Thanks for the tip. Doug
  3. Hi George, I guess you probably got your answer, but thought I'd mention my thoughts. I live an area where there is light winds a good part of the year, and wanted a speed series so was considering a Shockwave and Supersonic. I wound up getting the Shockwave since it had a slightly lower wind range. Now, several years later, I have a Blast, Shockwave, Supersonic and sonic vented. As I'm getting a little older and don't like the pull so much, I fly the Blast in light winds (it floats like a charm), love the Sonic vented when the winds are up (at the beach), and fly the Supersonic for speed in moderate winds. The Shockwave doesn't get much air time at all, and I'll probably see about lightening my bag some time. All that being said, each of the four really have their place, and each of them is fun to fly -- it just depends on what you want in the flying (and what the wind will be). Later, Doug
  4. That is absolutely great, Watty. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Doug
  5. Oh, and a really good "plastic box" for them is an empty "Listerine Pocket Pack" container. The weights fit in really well (especially if you cut a small notch in the end so the tails aren't crimped). And their little tails hang out the end. And yes, Kip, we plan to be here for CKF in a few weeks. Will be coming in late Thursday evening and leaving Sunday afternoon. See you then... Doug
  6. I have a B-Series Rev 1.5 (actually 3 of them), and I put my weights in a good, safe place so I wouldn't lose them. It's such a good place that now I can't remember where they are. So I got a new set. And these, I decided, I wouldn't lose, at least not on sand. So I painted their little tails red with a magic marker. Now this past Sunday I was out flying at Fort Macon on Atlantic Beach and decided to practice axels, so I put the weights into my vented B-Series and had fun (even if I wasn't good at the axels). After a while I decided to swap out the B-Series for my Rev 2. After a few minutes of flying, I thought... Oh, no!!! The weights!! Went to the rolled-up B-series, and you guessed it! No weights! I went back to where I thought I might have swapped the kites, and started walking wide swaths about 5 feet wide, sweeping back and forth in an ever narrowing range until I got to about 10 feet from my bag. And there on the sand were two little red pieces of line (with weights attached)! If they had been the original color, I probably would have just walked past them. Now I know exactly where these are -- in a small plastic box in my kite bag. So paint their little tails red. You'll be happy you did... Doug
  7. Over the past few years I've emailed Lolly, snail mailed her and spoken with her once or twice on the phone. She has always been very cordial, accommodating, and just downright nice! It's great to see someone who cares about her company's customers as well as she does. Lolly, Patsy and I truly appreciate you. Doug
  8. A few weeks ago I was at the beach, and my wife mentioned that since I enjoyed my B-series so much that I ought to get another one. What a helpful wife . Anyway, I asked Kites Unlimited to order me a purple one so I could get it before I had to leave. Unfortunately it came during my last day. When I picked it up, Jeri from the store remarked "There's nothing like flying a new kite at sunset". Well, it was sunset before I was able to get out to fly, so here it is with race rods and almost nonexistent wind at about 8pm: She was right... There's nothing like flying a new kite at sunset!!! Doug
  9. Great video, John. Loved it... Doug
  10. Yep. From my standpoint the list is correct. And Dean, you're right on both accounts -- it's a Rev I and I'm also short (5'7") Doug
  11. No need to be confused Jim. You're absolutely right!!! Looks like I can't read right... I have #8 -- at least that's what it looked like a few minutes ago. The lighting must have been bad before when I looked at it. Later, Doug
  12. OK, I've got a question. This thread really interested me (at least the first page or so) :confused!: I've taken all my handles and changed the leaders to match my B-Series handles -- several knots on the top, and two on the bottom, all with the same spacing as on my B-Series handles. That's so my simple mind won't be confused when I change handles along with changing kite types. I've been flying like a newbe -- middle knot on the top and outside on the bottom. But this thread has me interested. So... Do I do the same thing with more brake with all my kites, or just the B-Series. I have Supersonic, Sonic Vented, Blast, Rev 1, etc. Should I go with more brake with all of them? I know I tried more brake once before with pretty poor results -- had trouble getting off the ground. Should I use the "pull in the top line briefly" trick? Any other tricks? I'm heading to the beach in a few days so will get a chance to try things out. Advice welcomed!!! Thanks, Doug
  13. CLTKiter


    I'm probably a little late with the suggestion, but I went to the fabric store (or the fabric section of Wal-Mart) and picked up a small bottle of "Fray-Check". Think it cost less than $2 (my memory's not good!). A couple of drops on the frayed area stops the fraying. Now, when I buy a new Rev, I put a little Fray-Check on the edge of the leading edge, and the fraying never starts. That way I don't need to worry about torching my new love! Just a thought... Doug
  14. It's also on the back of one of the Rev T-shirts... Doug
  15. I've got #9 of 13 - North Carolina was the 9th state to come into the union. My friend Ed out near the east coast of North Carolina (New Bern) I think has #12 of 13 - for the 12 apostles. Pictures attached (flown Memorial Day). Doug L'Hommedieu (Charlotte, NC)
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