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Further down the rabbit hole (a 5 month reflection)


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Hi all,

I've now been part of the Rev family for almost 5 months. My opportunities to fly are limited, but I seriously love this kite. I've learned a few things along the way...

- This forum is great. Aside from specific questions I've asked and had answered, I have crawled over these forums reading old topics and learning from you all. Thankyou.

- I broke a spar when I kept flying my full sail as the wind picked up a lot. I could barely control it. Lesson learned. I've also ordered a full vent that will hopefully be here tomorrow :-)

- I thought I was doing pretty well with my sideways hovers until I realised that without thinking I had turned my handles the same orientation as the kite. Both horizontal, one above the other. That's going to make it tricky to do an inverted hover. I've re-watched John's hover tutorial but I am really struggling to keep the thing steady. Practice practice practice.

- I've got a couple of SLKs and I've really enjoyed putting them in the sky just downwind of me as a bit of a backdrop while I fly.

In summary: I am seriously enjoying my kiting!


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Yep, you got that right -- "Practice, practice, practice." (but don't tell anyone you're having fun, try to look very serious about it)

As far as turning your hands to the same direction as the hover, it isn't necessary but doesn't hurt anything. It will add an extra move going into the inverted hover to bring your hands to an a-frame position as John explains in the tutorial video, so it's best to unlearn it now. I'm in the unlearning process myself, because I started doing it too. Although if you watch John fly when he's crankin' an' spankin', you'll notice he does it sometimes too. To me it feels like I have a bit more control, but it's probably only because I'm not used to doing it with the handles vertical.

YMMV! and most likely will.

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Hi Jonathan,

To get more out of your practice put up your largest SLK on a similar line length to what you are using

for your Rev, then try for-mating on it form the top, bottom and sides both leading edge first and

trailing edge first.

If you fly your Rev in front of your SLK you can take the wind out of its sail making it collapse,

move your Rev away and it should recover.

If nothing else it gives you something different to try.


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