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  1. Oh, good idea. With a 12 week international trip coming up this year, any weight reducing travel ideas are going to come in handy!
  2. After flying my Revs for a little while now, I have a couple of broken spars lying around the house. While part of me wants to throw them out as part of a decluttering exercise, the hoarder part of me thinks they must be useful for something. What do you all do with broken spars? Does anyone have any creative uses for them? Jonathan
  3. Excellent :-) Thanks for all the help. The tip about flying the back kite is interesting. Although I obviously haven't tried yet, I think my instinct would have been to focus on the front kite and let the rear one follow along. A stacking kit gives me a great excuse to place an order with a kite shop which means I'll surely have to order something else. But this idea of getting multiple stacking kits would require me to buy another sail too! Mmmm, that EXP on eBay Aus is looking interesting right now!
  4. OK. That kind of makes sense. I guess it also means you start flying a bit differently when you've gone for the squared up low wind arrangement. Plenty of calm days down at the local cricket ground for me to practice this!
  5. Now that I have 2 revs, I can't help but think about stacking them. But I have a few questions I'm not sure about. - I have a standard and full vent b-series. Are these OK to stack? If so, I presume I put the vented in front? If I can't stack these 2, the rest of the questions become redundant for now. - My frames are 2 wrap, 3 wrap (2 sets), 4 wrap. Can I make a usable combination? - Will my 80ft x 90# lines be ok? My only other linesets are 50# (50ft and 30ft) so I presume these are no good. - How much wind do I need to fly them stacked? Will they fly in the same wind that will get my st
  6. Hang on. I understand moving them in for lighter wind, but I don't understand this bit. When it's really low, you move them back out again? How does that work? Jonathan
  7. BookBoy


    Any more news on this? I love the idea of a way to continue my Rev development when the wind drops and this sounds like the perfect option. Take my money please :-)
  8. I'm now the proud owner of a blue/grey vented B-series bookboy +1 (2)
  9. Hi all, I've now been part of the Rev family for almost 5 months. My opportunities to fly are limited, but I seriously love this kite. I've learned a few things along the way... - This forum is great. Aside from specific questions I've asked and had answered, I have crawled over these forums reading old topics and learning from you all. Thankyou. - I broke a spar when I kept flying my full sail as the wind picked up a lot. I could barely control it. Lesson learned. I've also ordered a full vent that will hopefully be here tomorrow :-) - I thought I was doing pretty well with my sideways ho
  10. I have several colours of paracord lying around so my long term plan is to colour code. But since I still have just the one Rev, it's a bit redundant for me :-)
  11. I've down been flying a rev for all of a couple of weeks and there's been one little thing that has been a slight niggle even though it hasn't really affected performance. So I performed my first mod. And now the cord on my Rev sleeve actually holds the top closed :-)
  12. I know this forum is about buying your first Rev, but I thought I'd mention I'm already planning how I'm going to buy my second. Foolishly tried to fly my Rev in winds that were clearly too strong. I didn't break anything, but one launch showed me there was no way I was able to control it. I need a full vent for days like this!
  13. Jonathan +1 (1) B Series full sail. Light blue / blue / white. My first Rev.
  14. Thanks for the tips. I was just trying to go straight up and straight down, but was totally out of control half the time. Lots of practice ahead of me, but it will be fun.
  15. First flight today! The wind was very light and inconsistent. My replacement 3 wrap frame hadn't arrived so I was risking the 2 wrap. But it was sunny, I had the day off work, and a brand new rev sitting in front of me. I had a few short flights. A few smooth landings. A number of rough landings. I got excited just by being able to rotate it from leading edge down to upright before launching. I actually did an inverted hover. By accident. I have to retrain my instinct to pull on the whole handle when I just need to tap the brake. I have to re watch all of JB's videos for the 10th time. I ev
  16. So my Rev arrived and I staked out the 80 foot lines to equalise them. First thing I noticed - 80 feet is a lot shorter than I had thought. Which means I now totally understand the above comments about 30 foot lines and why SparkieRob suggested the Red Bull!
  17. In that case - many thanks to Kitepower down here in Australia, who have been a great help :-)
  18. What's the forum etiquette here? Am I allowed to name the store as a positive experience?
  19. The store asked for a few more pics and is sending out a new set of rods today so I should have them for my weekend away. Happy customer :-)
  20. Thanks for the tip. I had an even more careful look at them all this morning and found one of the other rods is also damaged. Barely noticeable at first, but I saw a small crease on the sticker. Sure enough, if I put some pressure the the right direction, it bends slightly right where the crease is.
  21. Oh no. Finished unpacking and started to set it up to find the leading edge is already broken :-( Shot an email to the store, so we'll see what happens. Glad I got the B series with a second frame!
  22. It's here!!!!!! Thanks for all the advice folks. I'm sure I'll have plenty more questions in the coming days and weeks. Jonathan
  23. Thanks folks, I'll think about a 50# x 50' line set for a future purchase some time. For now, I'm still waiting for Australia Post to show up with my kite! Jonathan
  24. Hi all, As per my other topic, my new Rev is on it's way to me as we speak. I'm getting 80' lines but was also thinking about getting myself some shorter lines pretty soon. I understand many people like shorter lines for lower wind conditions, but they would also open up some more flying locations closer to home that would not be ideal with 80' lines. However, I also understand that shorter lines make everything happen faster with less time for reaction. I guess my question is, should I avoid the shorter lines until I've developed my skills a bit, or is it ok to be also using them while st
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