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New XTRA Vent


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Ooops, ha ha! I had promised I'd comment on MY experience with the XTRA a couple of weekends ago in Victoria. Yes, I did not manage to try one at all beforehand however, when Steve I pulled up to Clover Point for the 1st Annual Victoria Halloween Kite Festival (always held on a wednesday), we found it to be a pretty stiff breeze howling in off the water. I'd guess it was roughly 20 mph for an hour or so.

And, I must say, it's one awesome kite to fly in high winds. It felt firm on the end of the line, but, in the Bazzer tradition, it also has a light in the loafers kind of feel too.

Well, ok, maybe not but, it sure was a smooth flying kite. In fact, if I had the wind to support it, I'd likely fly nothing else, it was just that smooth with whatever you put it through.

Well done Bazzer!


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bazzer.. i figured as much that you would have tried the flamerods in it..beleave it or not my 3 and 4 wraps get used more then those do..espical during the latefall and winter months when the winds get nasty ..the rest ofthe J.C will also tell you this

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I was just rereading this and noted that Bazzer mentioned using 3 Wrap over 4 Wrap as the 4 Wrap are too stiff.
I guess I was thinking that 4 Wraps were the ticket, in fact when I ordered I think I was informed to use 4 Wrap rods.

So what is everybody else using???

BTW here's mine:

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Hmmm... Never tried a 3 wrap in my Xtra. I love how it feels with the 4 wrap. I will have to try it out asap.

When it comes to the Vented and Xtra, I'll never put below a 3 wrap frame in. The venting turns the feel mushy already, then framing down below a 3 wrap really kills the feel altogether. Not that it's not flyable with a Race frame.. I'd rather put the midvent or std up with a 3 wrap- btw those kites will never see higher than a 3 wrap. Just my personal preferences.

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Throw a 2 in an XTRA and fly instead of a high mid or low Vtd. Sweet. Actually it's a bit like light wind flying but with wind!

Rob I've tried everything!

I don't like the 2 wrap or Race in my vented, not at all, couldn't imagine I'd like it in the Xtra... it's for the reason you said- like flying in light wind. I fly in light wind, and love the challenge, but I hate the lack of feeling, and I don't look to have less feeling/feedback in my Revs. I will mess with the 3 wrap some more. Soon.

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