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  1. There is a registration tent where you will sign up. They will give you an AKA band to get you on the field and make you a name tag.
  2. Lynn and I are ready to fly mega team and grid as we did with you and others in Berck last April. So much fun making figures like the car and others. Anyone else up for something new and different at WSIKF? Bring your 120s and join in. So easy and so much fun. Cheers, Jim and Lynn
  3. We are on our way. Will be nice to fly with you. Cheers, Jim and Lynn
  4. To make life a little easier, I am using 3/4" wide Scotch tape around the joints making the 10 travel spars into 3 with no ferrules on the end and 2 with a ferrule on one end. I did this on our first day of our stay in Berck, and removed the tape before moving on. Also, we removed the covers from two kites and used them keep two sets of one type of spar each. Seems lots easier than dealing with 10 little pieces, or in our case, 40 little pieces. This is working well for us
  5. Offer stil open. WSIKF maybe? Cheers, Jim
  6. We had a meeting to go to Thursday morning, but to heck with that. We're going flying.......... See you in the morning.
  7. We'll be there Thursday after lunch, unless something really good or really bad happens.
  8. I'm in if you like. We plan to be there starting Thursday afternoon. Don't know what time Kent will arrive.
  9. A few years ago at Kite Party, there were 18 of us flying together on 75' lines. Much of the time it was a traffic jam, but we had loads of fun. "Don't try this at home"
  10. I do not extend the tape over the vent screen.
  11. Ben We first met you at WSIKF 2003 before we were even flying as a pair. Don't know how many festivals and other gatherings at which our paths have crossed over the past 11+ years, but it's been many. As noted before, you have introduced many things to the Rev family, of which, you will always be a part. Some will say "We'll miss you Ben", but we would rather say "See you on the beach or at the park." Best wishes and good fortune in whatever you do. Cheers, Jim and Lynn WSIKF August 21, 2003
  12. Right Bend them to your liking, make leaders with plenty of adjustment, and fly with a length that suits you for the kite and wind conditions. We have been flying on 13" handles for years, but I'm about to make two sets of 14s. Flew a little at WSIKF on someones 14s and liked them a lot. 15s are a little quick for our liking.
  13. The longer handles require less input to the kite. They allow the kite to be be controlled at greater angles to the wind. Some may take issue with my answer to the second part of your question. The bend angle, geometrically, makes no difference at all. Any difference in the bend angle can be compensated for by the length of the pig tails at each end of the handle. Think about it. If the handle was straight, you would want short pigtails on the top, and very long pigtails on the bottom. If the handle had a 90 degree bend in the middle, below the grip, you would want very long pigtails on the top and very short pigtails on the bottom. The distance between the top and bottom pigtails is what controls the amount of input required to control the kite. I had Mr. Hunt for geometry. We fly with fairly long pigtails on both ends of the handle, allowing nearly infinite adjustment of the angle of the grip portion of the handle. In very high winds, we keep the grip as close as possible to a neutral position to ease strain on our wrists.
  14. The three vent NYM venting is 312 sq in. "B" full vent is 335 sq in. Pro Xtra vent is 488 sq in.
  15. What Paul said. Cheers, Jim
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