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3rd Annual West Coast Rev Clinic


PLEASE, only vote if you're going to be attending this clinic!  

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  1. 1. Are you interested in practicing/learning to fly in a grid?

    • Yes, I want to fly grid.
    • No, I

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Wow'sa, I just saw this clinic show up on my Facebook page as part of the Kitelife update. I hadn't been keeping up with the forum due to a busy work life....kid_smartass.gif

Is there still room for a novice?

I'd have to check into getting a ride down...hopefully some other BC fliers are heading down and someone would like some company (and gas money of course!).

Its gonna be between this and NABX for me and, if I can get the arrangements made for Long Beach, the Rev clinic may just edge out NABX by a cm or two.wink.gif

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For those looking for lodging, have an RV (motor home or trailer) and are on a tight budget - I can offer up to two free slots at our "personal trailer park" in Ocean Park (look it up on Mapquest if you don't know where that is related to Long Beach - about 10 or 13 miles north - Tsunami bait).

Order of requests, and particular equipment is important, since our property can handle only two 25 ft TTs plus one shorty, or three motor homes, or some other combo that will have to be vetted (tricky backing in v. limited maneuvering room is the problem.) And, we will be claiming the prime spot for ourselves. B) Full hookups, shared separate shower and toilet facilities, and 1/2 mi north of the Ocean Park beach approach. Price hard to beat. Company questionable. :lol::angry:

If this will help you, please personal email me with specific equipment. :)

P.S We could also handle a few tenters, if that is really what you want to do... shared shower and toilet available! Seems like most kiters are better equipped to motel.

In whatever case, we'd be happy to meet and help you. :P

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Small problem with the payment link - that it automatically classifies all members of a "single", "couple" or "family" at the same level. The problem is that the level should be determined by individual registration, not by the choice of payment for one, couple, or family. (OK, strictly speaking there is no problem for an individual.)

Assuming it will be worked out, I'll sign us up at the higher of the two levels, but Sunny will be Novice.

Shoot - this whole software development cr** is difficult, ain't it. :kid_smartass: Says I with 47 years of frustration behind himself. :kid_cussing: Lucky I still have a ticker in my chest.

Hey, cool anyway John. Thanks.

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If we can go, Chance will be between Novice and intermediate. Depending on his drive to get out and fly. (Got a new girl friend)

Umm, advanced for me? smiley-blushing.gif

At any rate, if theres going to be a bit of team flying, probably wouldn't hurt to mention the 2 way radios. I'll have my own by then. Just a thought.


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OK John,

I just reviewed the (secret materials)

Confirmed, please find your clinic materials attached. ;)

Also, if you like the way the schedule is arranged, please be sure and post back to the clinic discussion on the Rev forum and tell everyone!

The (secret) sch???? is perfect, as far as I know. It makes me (****) [anxious] to get to c*l*a*s*s ASAP.

Summary: Wow, great course syllabus. No suggestions from here.

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No can do the Rev clinic after all, sorry John. ohmy.gif

Turns out a seat sale for Vegas came up so grabbed it and am now NABX bound. It had to be one of the other, can't do both this year but hey, next year could be different.biggrin.gif

Have fun you all, I'll be looking forward to seeing some vid's.smile.gif

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Well John, I've been resisting but can't any longer. I did buy full rain gear at Long Beach last March at the 2nd Rev clinic & was glad I had it when the rain was trying to drive us all off the beach. It will come with me again this year. I keep thinking I should be headed south towards sunshine during the rainy season instead of farther north.

But -- I remember the mega flys at WSIKF last year where I kept struggling with the inverted hover on the bottom of a 4 kite ball. confused_1.gif

Bazzer was my wingman but I flew right through his lines & we both went down. I know I need help & am glad you're putting this together. This team flying is a lot more fun than just flying alone on a windy beach.

I'm an intermediate & will find your survey to make the choices of what I'd like to learn at the clinic. It appears there are still spots available so will go to Revguild to send some $.

Thanks for the fun, Ray. :blue_wink:


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@ Lisa - There should still be a couple of slots open "on the day of", don't sweat it, we won't turn you away. ;)

Awesome Ray, glad to know you'll be there... Always a pleasure, happy to help work out the kinks.

I'll send out email confirmations in just a moment. ;)

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