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  1. Flat axles are a matter of grace. Grace takes practice. Believe me when I say I had a thought on this subject that might have been helpful and forgot where I was going with this after "Grace takes practice." DOHHH!!
  2. I tend to spank my kite in the light wind. Faster tempo music, usually 30' lines using my arms and upper body to help save my legs. Between my knees and lower back I get ya on the moving too much as you get older. Nothing like taking a step only to feel your knee pop out and back in. Kinda kills the flying mood. If you get the chance, Philomath, for some reason is pretty consistant in having more than enough wind to fly between 5:30 and about 10 pm. Probably even get some opportunities to break out the Mid or Full Vent. I gotta start getting out to warm up for Lincoln City next month. Sure I'm
  3. So far looks like I will be there Saturday. WooHoo, been a while, hope I can remember how to fly. Can't wait.
  4. I have been flying in and around the Corvallis area for 15+ years now so I know what you mean when it comes to our wind. I'm curious about your flying style. Do you prefer or mostly fly standing still or do you move around with the kite? Do you fly using the full 360 X 180 window when the wind is down under 2 mph? Just curious. I use my Pro std., Race frame with the 3 wrap center LE and 30ft 90# line most of the time as an idividual flier when the wind is 3mph or less. A 1.5 with 2 wrap or Race frame will fly indoors. Just curious.
  5. So far it's looking like I will be able to be there Sat. morning. It'll be a day trip for me as well, but worth it. Can't wait to fly with ya all. Fingers crossed, no whammies... lol
  6. I can't commit 100% yet, but I'll try as hard as I can to get there and be with all ya all. I need this sooo bad.
  7. I'll hold ya to that. lol Over a weekend at Delta Park there is always that one day where flying means a little work. I love the challenge of having to use my whole body, the whole time to fly and fly up to my own expectation. I'll be curious to learn first hand what the differences of feeling and flight are between an SUL and a Std. with RR. Dean
  8. I would like to try an SUL one of these days just to see what they feel like. Stroke, if your reading this I'll hit ya up at a Delta park fly next time if the wind permits. ( Usually does) Thomas, I would like to point out that the B Series std. comes with 2 frame sets and 13" handles as a start. The EXP LE is about an inch shorter than the 1.5 series kites. So the EXP outter LE rods might be a bit short if used in a 1.5 series. But that wouldn't matter if you had a B Series cause you'd have the right 2 and 3 wrap frames for any other 1.5's bought down the line. In my experience I was amazed
  9. I really hope it works out for you. The intended use rule is the one rule I follow religiously. Whether I'm flying in the basketball colisium, the indoor practice facility (football) or within the high dollar areas inside of the football stadium, keeping yourself from getting run over seems to be the concern for those who've given permission here. For a while anyway, is there time when you'd be able to fly while the area is closed? It is nice to have the whole floor to yourself with no worries of someone else running ya down. And those who feel there may be some sticking points can see you
  10. dean750

    not again

    It's funny afterwards, well... now anyway. Thinking back to the iQuad team clinic at Kite Hinge. The look of peoples faces and the way the pitch of their voices change when the newbie to team flying starts pumping the kite when we all have a full wrap in the lines. Most of the pitch changes went up with worried excitement. Took a while to get broke of the habit of pumping. The BOOMing voice of JB, "DEAN, stop pumping!!! If you don't cut our lines your creating turbulance for everyone behind you." Oh, now I get it. Just to make sure I got the message Steve D moved down the line immediatly
  11. dean750

    not again

    Nope, you had that "what just happened" look on your face. I understood the frustration of the situation, thats why I said in the heat of the moment. It was just an example of how crap can happen to anyone at any time. I thought I was being aware of my surroundings like JB is talking about above. My hesitation before making my turn early to avoid getting too close to you two is what got me ass ended. So while I was aware of you two on the ground I forgot about the number of kites following me. So I was only maybe aware of 75% of what was going on. The rest is history. I'm better physically a
  12. But... to answer your question Bart, There is a HUGE difference between the two in light wind. You figure that the 150# line is almost twice the diameter of the 90# so even though I'm not positive, I'd guess they'd weigh almost twice as much. 150's create way more drag because of the above statements. You mentioned one looked thicker than the other. I'm hoping that you know which is which now. But if you really want to learn what the difference each weight offers try with your std. sail in wind up to 10mph lets say. Fly the 90#. It'll be fast and I personally think a little to twitchy. Then
  13. dean750

    not again

    Relax Walt. As it was said, "stuff happens." I think being in the situation where it's your only line set and you can't get ahold of another set unless lent, meaning "there goes the festival and fun" may of added to some frustration for those involved. I understand your feeling of wanting to just stay away. Last year at WSIKF, the Friday I left due to physical and some mental problems, you were in on the 15 or what ever it was team fly that Mr. Weider was leading as was I. On the follow we came down the left side of the window and turned a 90 to the right and to the other edge setting up
  14. That would be one heck of a room of worship in your case. To anyone who hasn't seen his kite room.... from my stand point I wanted to drop to my knees and pray to the Rev Gods. Specially with 3 specific kites assembled and standing at the 45s. Conspiracy??? Hot flying TK Dean
  15. WOW, that was an awsome demo. I didn't see any evidence of a stand in. Great job Mr. Wieder. LOL, the bug has gotten me again. Bummed my knee this weekend. So back to watching every video I can find. I simply love the Decorators flying style. Smooth and graceful. Thank you for the vid Monkey. Dean
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