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  1. Flat axles are a matter of grace. Grace takes practice. Believe me when I say I had a thought on this subject that might have been helpful and forgot where I was going with this after "Grace takes practice." DOHHH!!
  2. I tend to spank my kite in the light wind. Faster tempo music, usually 30' lines using my arms and upper body to help save my legs. Between my knees and lower back I get ya on the moving too much as you get older. Nothing like taking a step only to feel your knee pop out and back in. Kinda kills the flying mood. If you get the chance, Philomath, for some reason is pretty consistant in having more than enough wind to fly between 5:30 and about 10 pm. Probably even get some opportunities to break out the Mid or Full Vent. I gotta start getting out to warm up for Lincoln City next month. Sure I'm rusty after about.... well actually not sure how long it's been since I've been out to fly. Can't wait to get on the line again. Ready for a day of permagrin... lol
  3. So far looks like I will be there Saturday. WooHoo, been a while, hope I can remember how to fly. Can't wait.
  4. I have been flying in and around the Corvallis area for 15+ years now so I know what you mean when it comes to our wind. I'm curious about your flying style. Do you prefer or mostly fly standing still or do you move around with the kite? Do you fly using the full 360 X 180 window when the wind is down under 2 mph? Just curious. I use my Pro std., Race frame with the 3 wrap center LE and 30ft 90# line most of the time as an idividual flier when the wind is 3mph or less. A 1.5 with 2 wrap or Race frame will fly indoors. Just curious.
  5. So far it's looking like I will be able to be there Sat. morning. It'll be a day trip for me as well, but worth it. Can't wait to fly with ya all. Fingers crossed, no whammies... lol
  6. I can't commit 100% yet, but I'll try as hard as I can to get there and be with all ya all. I need this sooo bad.
  7. I'll hold ya to that. lol Over a weekend at Delta Park there is always that one day where flying means a little work. I love the challenge of having to use my whole body, the whole time to fly and fly up to my own expectation. I'll be curious to learn first hand what the differences of feeling and flight are between an SUL and a Std. with RR. Dean
  8. I would like to try an SUL one of these days just to see what they feel like. Stroke, if your reading this I'll hit ya up at a Delta park fly next time if the wind permits. ( Usually does) Thomas, I would like to point out that the B Series std. comes with 2 frame sets and 13" handles as a start. The EXP LE is about an inch shorter than the 1.5 series kites. So the EXP outter LE rods might be a bit short if used in a 1.5 series. But that wouldn't matter if you had a B Series cause you'd have the right 2 and 3 wrap frames for any other 1.5's bought down the line. In my experience I was amazed to find that the B Series had an unbelievable wind range. For me thats 0 to about 10mph max. That was std. right outta the bag. It flew even better with a Race frame. As RevFlyer said then you have the ability to mix match your frame for what you want out of it. A little weight savings is great but after you've flown for a while and understand what to do on your end of the lines you'll find that with different line weights and lengths you will have a more "all around" kite with the B Series over the SUL SLE. Then "WHEN" ( ) you get a Bazzer Pro B..... well I'll just wait on that thought. Just my cent and a half. Dean
  9. I really hope it works out for you. The intended use rule is the one rule I follow religiously. Whether I'm flying in the basketball colisium, the indoor practice facility (football) or within the high dollar areas inside of the football stadium, keeping yourself from getting run over seems to be the concern for those who've given permission here. For a while anyway, is there time when you'd be able to fly while the area is closed? It is nice to have the whole floor to yourself with no worries of someone else running ya down. And those who feel there may be some sticking points can see you and get used to your ability to be safe. Hope all works out, Dean
  10. dean750

    not again

    It's funny afterwards, well... now anyway. Thinking back to the iQuad team clinic at Kite Hinge. The look of peoples faces and the way the pitch of their voices change when the newbie to team flying starts pumping the kite when we all have a full wrap in the lines. Most of the pitch changes went up with worried excitement. Took a while to get broke of the habit of pumping. The BOOMing voice of JB, "DEAN, stop pumping!!! If you don't cut our lines your creating turbulance for everyone behind you." Oh, now I get it. Just to make sure I got the message Steve D moved down the line immediatly to my right and on the ups he'd pump. Yep, got the message. It's all part of learning. I'm just thankful for the patience and the willingness to drill a message into my head and then make sure they sunk it deep enough. Dean
  11. dean750

    not again

    Nope, you had that "what just happened" look on your face. I understood the frustration of the situation, thats why I said in the heat of the moment. It was just an example of how crap can happen to anyone at any time. I thought I was being aware of my surroundings like JB is talking about above. My hesitation before making my turn early to avoid getting too close to you two is what got me ass ended. So while I was aware of you two on the ground I forgot about the number of kites following me. So I was only maybe aware of 75% of what was going on. The rest is history. I'm better physically and mentally and look forward to kicking hiney with all ya all at the soonest time available. Dean
  12. But... to answer your question Bart, There is a HUGE difference between the two in light wind. You figure that the 150# line is almost twice the diameter of the 90# so even though I'm not positive, I'd guess they'd weigh almost twice as much. 150's create way more drag because of the above statements. You mentioned one looked thicker than the other. I'm hoping that you know which is which now. But if you really want to learn what the difference each weight offers try with your std. sail in wind up to 10mph lets say. Fly the 90#. It'll be fast and I personally think a little to twitchy. Then try it with the 150# line. The kite should still have full power but less frame distortion and fly a little twitchier than a mid vent on 90#. But no where near as twitchy as a std sail. Hope that helps a little. Dean
  13. dean750

    not again

    Relax Walt. As it was said, "stuff happens." I think being in the situation where it's your only line set and you can't get ahold of another set unless lent, meaning "there goes the festival and fun" may of added to some frustration for those involved. I understand your feeling of wanting to just stay away. Last year at WSIKF, the Friday I left due to physical and some mental problems, you were in on the 15 or what ever it was team fly that Mr. Weider was leading as was I. On the follow we came down the left side of the window and turned a 90 to the right and to the other edge setting up for something. (don't remember much past that.) Being in the middle of the pack I noticed that with each kite turning at the bottom, each was turning later and lowwer. And when it came for my turn to make the turn I tried to hesitate and turn a little early because Amy Doran and Paul (KiteCowboy) were huddled up untangling lines DIRECTLY under our downward line. Because I hesitated and didn't know how or even try to let those behind me know what I was doing, pretty much every kite behind me in the line slammed into the back of me forcing me to the ground. Right exactly where I was trying to avoid for saftey and decency reasons. My kite didn't miss hitting either Amy or Paul in the head by much if anything at all and did slam down on they're kites and lines they were trying to untangle. (We were flying full vents with plenty of wind, not std's in light wind) Since they were both looking down at the time and my kite was the only one that hit the ground (in the heat of the moment) I was yelled at and I still wonder if that may have been were some may have thought I shouldn't have been in with the group. In fact, I was yelled at and given dirty looks on more than one occasion that Friday. I did stay away. Other than the New Years fun fly in Portland with JB and company I hadn't attended a single event leading up to WSIKF this year remembering what happend and how embarrassed I have been since then. DON'T do that to yourself or us Walt. Think of it this way... Some times it takes an event to get thoughts going. As far as I know, there aren't writen rules or guidelines on ettiquette and maybe we all should come together and set some up. Just a thought, last year to fly on the field we had to sign something that covered us by the AKA event insurance. Property damge is included in that coverage. Would a line set be covered by that? Just a thought. Hope to see you soon Walt. Keep your head up and use this as a learning experience. A smile and apology is a start, but don't let it rest at that. Love ya man, Dean
  14. That would be one heck of a room of worship in your case. To anyone who hasn't seen his kite room.... from my stand point I wanted to drop to my knees and pray to the Rev Gods. Specially with 3 specific kites assembled and standing at the 45s. Conspiracy??? Hot flying TK Dean
  15. WOW, that was an awsome demo. I didn't see any evidence of a stand in. Great job Mr. Wieder. LOL, the bug has gotten me again. Bummed my knee this weekend. So back to watching every video I can find. I simply love the Decorators flying style. Smooth and graceful. Thank you for the vid Monkey. Dean
  16. So everyones already making plans to make it back there next year, right???? Like a migration thing. I'll have a week paid vacation next year so being there won't even be a question. We're all going to be back right? Felix and team, Stephan and team, JB and team (dumb question for you), Terry, Mario, Willow and team, Scott, Rich, Laura, Lumas's, Mike K. and team...... think the list would read more like a blog. LOL I'm really sad to have missed such a once in a life time opportunity. I only hope ya all give me, if not 100 a second chance. I miss ya all as well as love ya all, Dean
  17. Still got my fingers crossed, but it's not looking good as of yet. I should know for sure by Thursday if I'll make it up Friday or not. Trying to guilt my boss into cutting my check Friday morning instead of waiting till Monday to get paid. Bummer if I miss ya all because I don't get paid till the day after the festival. Dean
  18. Oh, you picked the perfect time to learn and learn to fly with others. And finally take your initiation into the club. Hope to see ya JoneZ. Dean
  19. Thank you Monkey. If I make it up I got a hug for ya. I hadn't even thought about places like that. Maybe this is going to work after all and this'll happen. Dean
  20. I'm not giving up on getting up there with ya all. Work is aparently giving me the time off I requested. Now I'm working on the dollars for gas and a few meals. A motel is out for sure. So, anyone have a clue as to places to park a car for the night thats not going to end with a ticket? Thanks for your time and thought. Dean
  21. Perfectly understandable Felix. Move in as shallow as possible angles side to side as opposed to moving strait back. To see the enviorment in the video I think I'd of been thinking, "this is going to be interesting." Great job guys. Willing and able to make it happen no matter what. And great save JD. Dean
  22. Sorry to hear about you being down in more than one way Ben. Hopefully your not as stuborn as I was until recently. Another fractured leg finally got me thinking. Like everyone here is saying. Do what you need to do for the long run. After 10 years now I've finally learned my lesson. Hope it doesn't take you that long. Get well soon Ben. Dean
  23. I'm working on making darned sure that I'm there. Might even be able to squeeze the second half of Friday in there too if I'm lucky. Short of quitting my job, I'll be there. Dean
  24. I'm really sorry I missed the chance to meet up with ya all this last weekend. New job and making up for a couple of unemployed months made the trip impossible. I'm hoping for at least the last 2 days of WSIKF. Hope to see ya all there. Dean
  25. It's belated, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY WALT!!!! Man I really hope you can make Lincoln City. So far, I can say I will be there. And I am planning on making my day there a dry day. Just to see if I can handle so many people without any liquid help. Welp, hope to see you there Walt. Always miss ya. Dean
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