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  1. What a great beach and it's covered by kite-a-holics. Single line, dual line and quad line kites are everywhere. Here is a pix of some big guys from August 20th. Here's a link to a video on youtube showing a pinwheel with four Rev kites. Jim Foster does a great job of explaining how the pinwheel works. Watch this if you're wondering how to do a pinwheel. Four more days of fun on the beach! YAY!
  2. Bri, when are you planning to arrive so I can start looking for you on Rev field to start practicing? Out of email range? Maybe, but just being at the beach says that you don't have to reply even if your phone gets the message. Hey, it's a week of sand, flying kites with friends and fun. Emails can wait until next week.
  3. Bri, I would like to get in on the team fly. Jan and I will be there all week although I'm the only one who flies Revs while she is content to watch or sleep in. I sent you a PM with details about arrival, departure and skill level. Thanks and hope to meet you at WSIKF, Ray.
  4. Nice video, Bartman. Interesting touch to show the flyers more than the kites.
  5. John, I know I missed the one last March but I'm signed up for this one. Yes, I'm bringing my rain gear so I won't have to buy a new set like I did a few years ago. I'm looking forward to great pizza at Chico's for Saturday night.
  6. We drove up from Coos Bay to Lincoln City in the rain on Friday. The farther north we got the more it was raining. Saturday morning the rain had stopped and the pavement was drying in the RV park. So down to the D River Wayside and it's calm. There was a guy with 2 foot long red balloons that he was weaving together. I asked & he said he was making a kite. He'd never heard of a kite made from balloons but he was going to make it & get it to fly. When I stopped for lunch at 1 PM he had the kite about 4' wide and was still working on it. About 2:30 PM I looked up & his creation was flying at least 50' above our heads. After lunch the winds picked up nicely to 6+ MPH. By 2:30 the announcer was saying there would be a Rev megafly forming at 3:00 PM. We ended up with 22 Rev flyers including Iquad & Island Quad. John Barresi called many routines for vertical & horizontal team moves but the follow with 22 fliers was the most fun. It was only at the end of our 20 minute routine that a couple of kites got tangled & fell from the sky. The final wrap up was Team Iquad performing one of their superb routines to music from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. A nice day of flying on the Oregon Coast. Here is a link to Iquad's final performance of the day. It's 10:00 PM as I post this and it's raining big drops. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for being able to fly in the morning.
  7. Wyatt, thanks for ramrodding this kite festival. You got a lot of people to come and enjoy the beach at Yachats. It was a lot of fun flying team with Amy and a bunch of other Rev flyers. Milo, nice video on Youtube. You saw a lot more variety than I did as I was busy on the Rev field. I even saw me flying demo in your video for a few seconds. Great fun! I'm glad I was there.
  8. Great to hear that the two of you got together, after all you live in the same town. It would help to have a few more details -- like where to park? Is the fly at one of the State Parks south of downtown? Will there be announcers or music? Are we close enough to town so people can get lunch or should people bring their own lunch & coolers? Are all kiter's welcome? Single, dual & quad lines? Just a few more details might encourage more people to show up for the fly!
  9. Well, I've got to be there. I'll drive up from Coos Bay to fly Revs on the beach. I'm looking forward to beach winds & flying with friends all day. Wahoo!!
  10. Hey Bart, I have upgraded from Rev B to the Pro & don't fly the Rev B standard or vented any longer. I plan to bring them along to WSIKF in case I find someone who might want them. They each have handles & line sets. Are you looking only at entry level SLE kites or may your friend consider a Rev B? I'll look you up. Are you staying at the Mermaid Inn again this year?
  11. Merc, I have a friend in Yachats who flies kites. She has several Revs but her heart is mostly in Lam's kites like the Sea Devil, Fearless & Transformer. She says there are several people who fly at Beachside State Park south of town. I told her about your plans for a Kite Festival in Yachats on Sep. 3rd as well as your new kite shop inside Yachats Mercantile. She said she will stop by to introduce herself & talk kites & flying together. She is mostly spur of the moment depending on the winds. You can do that when you live on the coast & your favorite kite flying beach is minutes away from your house. Have fun & good flying, Ray.
  12. Most of my time at WSIKF is having fun flying or watching others fly. I don't compete except against myself trying to improve my skills. Threads in the past have shown that most of us on this forum don't compete but a few do and they are having a lot of fun. Here are a few videos of competition at WSKIF which just wrapped up in Long Beach, WA. Indoor Competition On the Beach Hot Tricks - the last event at WSIKF I did see a few kids that were crying but everyone else was smiling. What a great week on the beach in mostly nice winds. Yes, we'll be back next year. This is too good to miss!
  13. iQuad X6, Decorators X4, Mark & Jeanette Lummas (Too Much Fun), Stephen & Susan Hoath (Flying Squad), Scott Weider (Rev Riders), Spence Watson and Willow Robin (Island Quad). John, thanks for finding this & posting to the forum. I didn't have all the names to give credit even though I made some notes before shooting the video. Chalk it up to old guy syndrome, I guess. BTW, you guys were an inspiration! I noticed many of the fliers were using Rev B standards in their custom team colors. That proves it's not the kite, it's the flier! Someday I'll be able to fly in winds that low.
  14. John, add two for me Rev 1.5 B Pro fade in Race Hot black center standard sail Rev 1.5 B Pro fade in Raster black center vented sail Now it's time for some fun. Thanks, Ray
  15. I got to the beach this afternoon with winds 3-6 MPH around 2:30. Flew my Rev B standard for a little over an hour & the winds dropped & my Rev was on the ground. I looked around & all the other kites were on the ground as well. I was standing & debating whether to put my kite away & saw one other kite go in the air then another. Steve DeRooy was flying one but where was the other flyer? Ahh, it was Steve. A pair of handles in each hand flying like there was plenty of wind. I walked over to chat - they weren't even his kites. He saw the handles leading out to a couple of B Pro's & decided to have some fun while they weren't in use. Something to look forward to -- learning to fly my new B Pro, that Theresa delivered at 5 PM today, well enough to fly when most other kites are on the ground. Thanks for the inspiration Steve.
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