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Quad sticks


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It's been nearly a year since I modded my SUL so I thought I'd put a few findings down.

1.5 SUL with Icarex sail but lighter leading edge pocket.

Diamond frame

16 inch Magic Sticks

French Bridle

15 inch No-Snag handles

Not going to change a single thing. All these mods summed up in a word. Confidence. Lighter frame supported front and back gives a bigger wind range, 0 to past 10mph! Out of this world glides. Enough flex when I need it. Having a redistributed mass opens up some slicker moves, Axel to 2 point landing just looks awesome and crisp. Reverse flight characteristics, I can fly all over in reverse and push it right to the limit with absolute confidence. The extra 30 seconds of set up is repaid in that first slow majestic glide.

All in all, I have built this "little zen". Soft, graceful and floaty while still being nimble and frisky.

My B2 Std now with sticks just makes me stupid happy.

Big thanks to Paul for the counsel and guidance.

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I know this subject is on sticks (got those), but has anyone tried a stiffer LE in their Zen? I decided to try a 2 wrap center with race ends and kept the Zen tubes as verts. Added the sticks, and I see a definite improvement on a stiffer LE, keeping the sail more efficient in the low winds in was designed for.

Your opinions?

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trying a 20 inch set (2" longer) this time on the new Zen,... man, a crispy new sail is so nice, shines like a diamond in the sunlight too.

Comparisons will be complicated by those wear differences to be sure, but that old #2 still flies great, it's just tattered with some replacement panels and a "once over" by Eliot Shook to install a new trailing edge.


So I carry at least 2 matching Zens, it's time for one in each hand (they're so big and the pull is tiring quite quickly on my delicate grip, it will be long time to toughen up and master these two kites. I'm no where near Dugard, who pales in comparison to Stevie. A long time!)

If the sticks are too long, it won't roll over "automatically" when released into the wind, (clam-shell) but the longer sticks support LEDs for backlighting and the further away the more powerful the visual effect. I can't leave 'em different configurations, one size has to be superior in light dynamics, so I need to get the comparisons done soon and make them match-up.

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