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  1. First additions after 5 yr.s, +2 (new total 31) added a zen and a shockwave
  2. SULs are great and it could be you've seen them and didn't realize it. I don't know that I've ever seen one labeled SUL on the sail. Mine and every one I have seen was only labeled 1.5 SLE just like a standard SLE.
  3. Stan, sounds like we need a lunch fly in Louisburg with Reefrunner!
  4. Stan, What part of NC? There are rev pilots all over the state but they / we hide sometimes. I'm in the Raleigh area but I know rev flyers from the coast to the mountains. Give me a shout, if I cann't hook up with you, I can probably set you on some one else. Oh, welcome to the dark side!
  5. That you William? I recognize the O2BKYTN from the KB forum. Welcome to the dark side, it goes very well the light side of SLKs
  6. Due to Hurricane Irene, and damage at the Atlantic Beach Sheraton, the 2011 Carolina Kite Festival will relocate to "The Circle" at Atlantic Beach NC. The dates are the same, October 29 and 30, 2011. Check the Kites Unlimited and Bird Stuff face book page for additional changes as they become available.
  7. Except for wind,Irene was pretty much a non event at our house on the western edge of Wake County. Less that a 1/2" of rain total. Took advantage of the abnormal winds (gusts to about 45) though with an older 1.5 (mylar panel version) vented with SLE on an old 120# line set. Kite, lines, and pilot all handled the gusts just fine. Glad to hear yall made it through OK. See ya in a couple of months!
  8. "Does anyone have any news about Don and Jeri Dixon and Kites Unlimited in Atlantic Beach, NC????" I spoke with Don about 10 minutes ago. Everyone is fine, a couple of small roof leaks at the shop, power is on but no landline phone service.
  9. Looking good Nick, I would not have recognized you without the lime and black! Kip
  10. Flying Smiles is not right around the corner from you but you will not find find a more rev enthusiastic kite shop around. Cath and Eliot are great people to deal with and will be more than happy to help you out. Here is their web site, it's also listed right here on the rev website under retailers. http://flyingsmileskites.com/
  11. Frames are your "spars". On the revs you have a 3 pc. LE (leading edge) and 2 verticals for a total of 5 frame pc.s The difference between the frames are going to be weight and reflex action. Roughly the more carbon fiber wraps a frame has in it's construction the heavier and stiffer it will be compared to a frame with fewer wraps. Heavier frames = heavier winds, lighter frames = lighter winds. It can get more involved, especially when you start mixing and matching frames and sails for the wind speeds.
  12. I actually saw one of these this past Sunday. It had the German insignia on the wings, not the Japanese Zero. Kites Unlimited in Atlantic Beach NC (Their phone etc. is listed in the list of Rev. retailers) had one in flyable condition and I think a couple more currently non flyable. I was surprised by the size of the wood framing. the speader bar must have been 5/8" thick minimum x 2 - 2 1/2' wide. I guess if you're flying it off the stern of a ship moving at 15 - 20 knots it would fly, but it's definitely not a low wind kite.
  13. We'll be there (weather permitting) for the 10 am kite fly across from the fort.
  14. Hi Louie, Cann't make it this Sunday, but on Sunday the 10th there should be several of us there!
  15. Hi Tim, I consider Lake Crabtree as my home field and the Wal Mart site in Louisburg as my lunch time from work field now. I guess you were flying with Steve, Phillip, Scott and maybe Tom the other day, all good people. We ought to all get together one of these days for a fly. Both fields are similar in that winds from the North are the least favorable, with South and Southwest being the most favorable. I'm in Apex, so not too far from you. Drop me a PM maybe we can meet on a field sometime. Kip
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