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Inserting images and other things

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I have gotten a few PM's on the Christmas themed signature I have, and how I did it. So I thought I would post a how to on BB Code.

BB Code is similar to HTML, but is much simpler and easier to learn. Most forums use BB code so if you are a member of other forums, this will work there as well. There are five basic "tags" you can use.

1. The link tag.

This will shorten a web address to a single word, or anything you type, and make it clickable to take you to that web address if you click on it.

2. The quote tag.

This will put selected text in a quote box. The Invision Power Board forums like this one also uses modified quote tags to show who you are quoting. This is where you can freeze a unintentional but funny spelling errors for all to see, and will not change if the original poster edits his error out of his/her post.

3. The Email tag.

Similar to the link tag, but will make the default email program on your computer start when clicked on.

4. The image tag.

This is the one to use when you want to use emoticons from other websites. Any image with a valid web address can be displayed using a image tag, but please use this tag for small in file size images only. This is so the pages of this board will load quickly for all users. The image tag makes the server for this forum load the image to your screen from the other website. Use the file attachment system for photos!

5. The code tag.

This is a handy feature when showing someone on the board what BB code you are using to make something appear on a post. it will insert a "code box" in your post.

There are other BB codes, such as bold, italics, underline, color, font, and size. There are others, and all (except the image tag) can be accessed by using the buttons above the type set entry field when making a post.

How to use BB code in posts

BB code is nothing more than the command, such as "quote" wrapped in brackets "[]" at each end of the text you are modifying. The end command must have the back slash "/" to indicate the end of the command. Here is a example of a BB quote code:

[quote]He said this[/quote]

In your post it will appear like this:

He said this

The link tag is useful for shortening a web address to a single word, or any text you want. It is a slightly more complex command, it needs to be formatted like this:

[url=http://www.revkites.com/main/]Revs are the BEST![/url]

As you can see, it needs to have the web address (http://www.revkites.com/main/) inside the beginning command, preceded with the equals sign "=", and the text you want to show between the command brackets. It will look like this in your post:

Revs are the BEST!

Multiple BB code commands can be used on the same text entry. The blue text above had the following BB code commands:

[center][size="5"][color="#0000FF"]How to use BB code in posts[/color][/size] [/center]

For the image tag, wrap "img" and "/img" in brackets at each end of the web address of the image. Here is some of that magic:


will show this on your post:


Yes, that is the Revolution logo at the top of this page. If you want to know the web address of any image on the internet, right click on the image, and select properties.

Now where do I get those nifty emoticons? This is my favorite site:


Find the emoticon you want to use and highlight the image tag supplied with each image. Right click, select copy, or hit Ctrl+c on keyboard. Go back to your post and with the cursor where you want image to appear, right click select paste, or hit Ctrl+v on your keyboard. The above site has hundreds of images, some may not be suitable for use on this forum, so use discretion! To put images in your signature like holiday wishes, just use the BB code in the edit signature page found in "My Controls".

I hope everyone finds this informative and helpful!

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