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Anyone flying about in Dorset...


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After a little googling I have just ordered my first Rev..John Barresi Rev 1.5 Mid Vent....hoping it will be here for Christmas.

I live in North Dorset near Shaftesbury and work in Poole near Poole park.

I was am looking for advice about everything please(Mainly kite relatedsmile.png)

Could anyone recommend good places to fly near me ?

Is there anyone near me who fly rev's and would maybe like to meet up ?

Any tips for what to and not to do !



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Hi, James, and welcome to the forum.

There's a bunch of flyers in the UK. I'm sure someone will chime in soon. A good, friendly bunch.

Don't be afraid to try their kites, ask and they will oblige. Listen to their advice, it will save you much time and frustration, unless you are determined to learn the hard way.

Have fun, smile, and don't forget to breathe.

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It arrived today default_smile.png but I was at work and my wife had it wrapped up for Christmas before I came home default_sad.png

My first Rev was a Christmas gift from my wife but she let me fly it early as we were at the beach at the time. Sometimes I think she reads the forums & knows more about kites then she lets on. Last year she gave me a Rev roll-up bag & did not say a word about how many Revs I had. Although she did ask if one bag would be enough.
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