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Thanks for that Stephen, you beat me too it and saved me having to explain the pinwheel concept. As you say though, any shape rotated around its centre is still called a pinwheel by us too. Makes it quick and easy to call moves as you think of them, in whatever shape you end up.


Mark Lummas

Team Too Much Fun

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What do other teams call this move?

True, but it might make for an easier shorthand when discussing a routine. It's a matter of striking a balance between too much vocabulary to learn vs long explanations of a common routine. I'm not arguing for either way here, just pointing it out.

I think it is important to remember in all these discussions that we are talking about situations where people get together as-hoc. At those times it is helpful to have some basic terminology that all can agree on.

However, for those of you who can get together more frequently, you will quickly develop your own short hand, move names and style of calling. This is not a case of one size fits all.

I am very fortunate and have had the opportunity with flying with a lot of different teams over the years. Each time I learn something new or find a better way of calling an old move. What I am already getting from this forum is some new ideas and a fresh perspective.

The best lesson I have learnt when flying with a new group or new pilots is to keep it simple and repeat a few basic moves until they are second nature. The crowds love it and will watch for hours and the fliers are building up team time which is money in the bank for when you try more unusual/complicated moves next.

Keep 'em coming

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