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  1. We managed to fly a double routine for the first time ever at Dunstable. We have a 4 person choreographed (ie no calls) routine that is quite fast. Lots of the team know it but Dunstable was the first time we have managed to get two sets of 4 together in the same place. It was a real buzz to fly although i found it a little distracting trying to match to a kite just outside my peripheral vision that was flying exactly the same thing i was! I hope someone got some video of it.
  2. It's been called a walking stick in the UK since at least 1993 when i learned it as a dual line move. I guess without the internet back in those days there will be as many names are regional variations.
  3. Rev IIs work really well in a stack. Sometimes we join them together and make these beauties. Team flying is really fun but believe me, 5 minutes is enough!
  4. Hi there Mog, STACK (Sport Kite and Competitive Kiting - the official body of the sport ) are holding a competition this weekend at Dunstable Downs. The Downs is the home flying field of about 10 rev pilots of a wide range of experience and lots of toys. If you can make it down i am sure that there will be no shortage of people around to fast track your learning experience. Good luck.
  5. I find the Super Blast to be an excellent light wind kite although i prefer to fly with an 8mm frame rather than the much stiffer SLE. However, as with most things in life the biggest advantage you can get is to practice. Good technique will make far more difference than kite choice in the long run. Try and remember to keep the sail loaded until after you have finished a turn. You may well take a couple more steps backwards but then you can regain them with interest on the way down again. So, Super Blast + Race Frame = Fun!
  6. I'd like straps that didn't fall off my shoulder when i'm walking along.
  7. Appart from a built in beer cooler (or soda if you prefer) what gadget would you build into a rev carry bag? For me in England it would have to be some kind of built in ground sheet to stop the bag getting all muddy and wet during a long summer day!
  8. OK, so i may be greedy and have too many toys but am i alone in finding i need to take two Rev bags to the beach? How do you deal with all that extra stuff like sun screen, ground stakes and food?
  9. We have stolen the first mid vent with printed mesh from our friends in Spain and will be bringing it to Ostend. So if you want a close up view of this stunning new technique, come along to Terrain B and take a look.
  10. Bob, well maybe just a little encouragement. We don't want to turn this into a competition. What i liked best about this mega team was the fun aspect of it and the ability to laugh at ourselves. I can't wait to see what fun things happen in the next one. So i guess the message is "Go create!"
  11. WOW, what an event! Just want to say a massive thank you to all of the fliers in the Rev Mega team at Berck. To quote a good friend of mine.. "You guys Rock!" For anyone who wasn't there, 11:30 every day on the beach was Mega Team Practice. Rain or shine, tempest or zephyr we all assembled on the beach to run through the days routine. Different people brought different ideas to the table and we gradually increased the repertoire as the week went on (we still have a few good ideas left over for next year). However, i do have to credit FLIC for the smilies. This is something they have done for a few years but the idea was too good not to steal! I have no idea who suggested the car but that was absolute genius! As the caller of the mega team i received a lot of very positive feedback about the mega team. The organisers, the public and even some of the hardened single line fliers were blown away by what we achieved. So, in case i did not get a chance to say thank you on the beach, THANK YOU. So John, if this is what can be achieved by fliers from France, England, Holland, Singapore, just imagine what you are going to do in WSIKF where you all speak the same language! Cheers Stephen
  12. All coloured Icarex will leach colour if you get it wet then roll it up, put it away and forget about it. The printed sails are no different. They are perfectly colour fast in the wet so don't worry about that (how else could we fly them in England!) just remember to dry them off before rolling up and then hang them out to dry when you get home. That way you will have years of happy flying together.
  13. Well,all the kites are packed, new lines made, music CD burned all i have to do now is find the waterproof clothing! Lets hope the weather improves for the weekend. See you all on the beach.
  14. I know we don't manage to arrive at the same festivals but many of our friends give me news. Those pictures were when I was young and handsome! Well maybe not with that beard. Hope to see you with a little net season.
  15. Let's add a standard set of numbers and letters to the repertoire to avoid future embarrassment! Kite move decision making by committee is not the way forward!
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