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Science of inverted wobble


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Launching in the upright position is more difficult when using a lot of brake, when you are not used to it. You will get used to it. Again, time on the lines. There's no substitute for it yet. Watch the JB tutorials and you'll realize the step back and double pump he teaches for low wind is what you will use in normal conditions with lots of brake. Once the kite is in the air everything is close to normal with the exception of the upright hover, which now requires some backing up and/or pumping to hold, depending on wind conditions. Each time you fly will be different. The wind is never exactly the same.

Actually, in very low wind conditions, you want to max the amount of brake. This brings the sail square to the wind and equates to more pressure in the sail. More pressure equals more lift. Sounds totally counter-intuitive but actually works.

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