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  1. Hi, Bill helped me out to. I'm hoping to make the trip up to Dunstable in the coming weeks. So hopefully I will meet up with you and see some people I met up with at Portsmouth kite festival. I'm looking forward to it☺
  2. Thanks guys for the input, I've usally got plugs in my ears listening to music. The bugs are my friends they like my smell☺. Music is definitely good, I look at the time and think where did that 2 hours just go. Thanks again love this forum so much good advice.
  3. Hi makatakam, I did try more brake today (fiddled with settings all day) and although with more brake it was easier to fly inverted, my problem was then with the kite the right way up i found it increasingly hard to fly the right way up. LOL not sure if i want to spend my life upside down. So does adding more brake make another problem that is getting forward drive while being the right way up. Thanks for the pity oops I meant encouragement. Jeremy. P.S. yes the wind is a bit lumpy but like you say if I can get it together here when I get down to the coast then all will be good☺
  4. Well I had a much better day today I tried to put into practice everything, lighter control, trying not to think to hard and yes Bill a bit of magic amongst other things. Although standing on my head was real hard. I made a short 1min video you can watch if you want. This forum is cool for advice. Just need to practice practice practice https://youtu.be/vVVG_Y9WJOE
  5. Sorry hyzakite are you saying to have both handles horizontal but facing the same direction? Thanks for clarification in advance, sorry for being a bit s l o w☺
  6. Love the title of this thread, I've had 2 days of no wind and got bad withdrawal symptoms, there's only so many times I can equalise my lines☺
  7. Sadly no wind for me today, but forecast great tomorrow I will keep you updated on my wobbly bits☺, less control, less control must keep that in mind!
  8. Thanks for the replys people I can honestly say that this is probably one of the few learning experiences in my life that has not involved any frustration. Just a slow drive home with a big smile on my face looking probably like a mad man☺
  9. I was wondering what is the science behind the inverted hover wobble. My own personal wobble is slowly disappearing although I am not aware of what I am doing differently. Except for time on the lines. I know this wobble is down to me as a pilot as a recent trip to Portsmouth kite festival a experienced rev pilot flew my kite and no wobble grrrrr! Loving my rev journey☺
  10. The trouble I have Bill is being quite new to revs most of the questions I would ask have been answered. But I am a avid user of the forum treating it like a rev bible. I don't want to be known as that annoying guy from the UK re-asking what has been answered. When something constructive comes to me i will post. I for one do not want to lose this forum☺
  11. Brilliant news, this forums been cool to helping me out on my rev journey.
  12. Hi Bill Thanks for the reply, I've got Portsmouth penciled in already, was looking for some local rev fliers, hopefully should meet a couple of people who are not as bad as me. Jeremy
  13. Hi,i'm quite new to rev flying, I live in the Andover area (have been flying on the sports field at picket twenty, Andover). Just wondering if this thread is active. I am looking for some people to go flying with to pick up some tips and get rid of bad habits I may have picked up. Hopefully I will get a reply.
  14. RT @Borderlands: IT'S GIVEAWAY TIME! RT and Follow to get your hands on a Handsome Jack t-shirt! #Borderlands #ThePreSequel http://t.co/0Oj…

  15. RT @Borderlands: IT'S GIVEAWAY TIME! RT and Follow to get your hands on a Handsome Jack t-shirt! #Borderlands #ThePreSequel http://t.co/0Oj…

  16. jemwharton

    Why would you want to be indoors?

    My rev hoping to be revs!
  17. jemwharton

    Why would you want to be indoors?

    My rev, hoping to be revs real soon!
  18. jemwharton

    Why would you want to be indoors?

    My rev, hoping to be revs real soon!
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