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I still remember when I first saw a rev kite: it was a Rev II, blue with a bright pink logo in a shop which is since long closed called Sundance in Modena, Italy. I was there with my father who wanted to make me a gift for something school related or maybe a birthday. We walked out with a 2 lines stunt, Alivola Storm, which needed a ton of wind, flew insanely fast and resisted many crashes. But I still remember that odd double triangle shape with high contrast colours.

I've since moved to London and I now have a daughter, my father loaned us a parafoil from Decathlon and I discovered two things: first is that there is always a lot of wind here and second that my daughter enjoys flying kite smile.png

So I did it, I'm back into kites and I decided that it is time to try how four lines feels like.

If you happen to be at the Blackheath common or Avery Hill Park or some other SE park and you find a young girl flying a big red parafoil and someone crashing an orange EXP it is probably us. Come say hi!


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There are many still active fliers in the UK, plan on trying to go to a kite festival and meet some! Not impossible to learn on your own, but meeting up and flying with others will shave countless hours off the learning curve. I believe there is another thread near the top of the forum list that also has a UK new flier - and he got a response from someone!!

Hampshire Flying sites is the one!

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Hi, Jaramir, and welcome to the forum. Click on the "Member Map" tab near the top of the page. There are a bunch of flyers in and around London. If you keep an eye on this forum and the KiteLife forum you will be able to see which of them are active and send one or more of them a PM so you can get together. I know that a bunch of them fly at Dunstable Downs regularly.

Welcome to the darkside. Have fun, smile, and don't forget to breathe.

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