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Returning Rev Flyer

Desert Rat Flyer

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Hi all.

i"m 55 and have been kite flying my entire life. Flying dual since early 80s.

I am returning to Rev after a 20+ year layoff.

Purchased a Rev 1 the first year they came out. Enjoyed the inverted hover and inverted takeoff. But the kite was big, slow and heavy. Never got very good with it and final put it away. Still have the handles Dam they are only about 11" long!!!!

The new 1.5 are fantastic. Amazed at the improved level of kite control. Sorry I waited so long to try them again.

In just over a month I have purchased a 1.5B, a used Eyes mid vent and a 100% shook weave.

Love the Shook weave, Choosing colors/pattern for a 40% shook.

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Sounds like the hook is in deep!! Try meeting up with another flier in the area - SkyPuppet - he has been active now for several years and should be in your general area!

SkyPuppet is a good freind and a dam good teacher. We flew at the same parts for years but couldn't few together with me on dualies. SkyPuppet set the hook in deep. He has advanced my skills so much in just a month, I'm hooked for life

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