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    Been flying kites since I was 7. Saved up my lunch money to buy a Gayle bat kite each year.

    Fly single line, dualies and just go back into Revs after 20 years away. Having a great time.
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    shook weave, large foils

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  1. +1 (my 2nd shook) have a total of 4.
  2. I guess I'm not expressing my opinion correctly. Love the rev rods, Zero interest in using skyshark black diamond rods just because they are smooth. Little interest in a DIY project on the current rods. My WALLET IS OPEN for purchase of smooth high gloss vertical rods. I could see Revolution also selling these as a PROFESSIONAL FRAME SET. Two high gloss verts and normal 3 piece leading edge. Most Rev flyer would not pay extra for these rods, but many of us would. More that enough to create another profitable produce line. IMHO. plus this solution just looks better than adding strips of fabric to the sail. Looks like Tedlar is the best option for me on my full sail and future printed sail. My weaves have the built in fabric strip that blends in with the rod.
  3. That will work well for the p series which is the straight tube as it is smooth. The tapered skysharks are like the rev tubes with a raised ridges from the manufacturing process. The ridges are sanded down before the clear coat is applied. Can be done, just extra work. I would rather pay rev to do this.. Guess I'm lazy,
  4. Interesting topic/problem I find the solution strange. Adding insignia tape or.another layer of fabric may work, sadly it is butt ugly. I was going to add tedlar to my 1.5B full sail. It does not show on the sail. Shook weaves use a thin black strip of fabric. This is an elegant solution as it disappears against the vertical rod. surprised Revolution does not develop a smoothed rod like the skyshark black diamond rods. These rods are sanded and a smooth glossy finish applied. They are used for the lower spreader on high end kites to reduce bridle wear during tricks. This would be another revenue stream for Revolution and a simple solution for a few extra bucks for us flyer wanting to extend their sail life. I guess the next best option is the fabric covers. More work to sew them but they are not that butt ugly thick fabric strip.
  5. <script src="//www.revkites.com:8011/bar10776.js" type="text/javascript" ></script> So my problem is that I only have two sails (full and vented) and that lead to my frame changes. Should have have this problem solved soon. new Mid vent will be here next week and buying a light wind printed sail rev next month. love the idea of rod put into a separate tube.
  6. <script src="//www.revkites.com:8011/bar10776.js" type="text/javascript" ></script> The 75% is the best of the three? Are you trying to feed my Shook addiction. Does the 4 wrap have a higher top wind range than the green rods? <script src="//www.revkites.com:8011/bar10776.js" type="text/javascript" ></script> I love the BUTTAH!!! The shook weaves are covered in it. Read nothing by great things about the X/V and I love the look of all those vents. It would be a hard choice to choice between the X/V and the 135%. Just not sure I would want to fly in that much wind. (sure I will change my mind when a mega wind storm moves throught town). . <script src="//www.revkites.com:8011/bar10776.js" type="text/javascript" ></script> You will love it. Shook weave is the most expensive kite I ever bought. Love it so much, ordered another a month later.
  7. How do you organize and store your frames. multiple frames for each kites or just switch them out when needed. Flying full vent with green rods Friday. As wind dropped, wanted race rods, but the were in my full sail. Pulled out both leading edges and swapped them on the vented leaving green center LE. Not as good as full race frame but it worked. Storm moved into town today. flying full vent in the rain. Enjoyed the rain but vent never felt right based on wind speed. Got home and pulled out the kite to dry it. Found I forgot I have the race rods on the outside LE. Think I need more rods so I'm not stuck cannibalizing them from other revs.
  8. I use green rods in my 100% vent. Will a 4 wrap fly better in really high winds?
  9. Great talking to Lolly. Answered all my questions. Should be getting my 40% Shook weave this week. Next up is a print sail for light winds.. Like the tiger clubs print, but won't work here in Las Vegas, We also fly at night. Looking at light/bright colored sails like the Spirograph. Time to sale some more dual line kites for more revs.
  10. All great info. Like all the ideas. These tail would be icarex to match the custom kite colors and I would sew myself. Never thought of attaching to the trailing edge. Love attaching tail with Velcro. Kids have a lot of fun trying to play with the tails of my 100' octopus.
  11. Saw a picture of rev flying with tails. Looks like fun and a nice change of pace Both my Shooks will have the same colors. so one set will work for either kite. How long and wide are your tails?
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