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"Rev Wand" a new addition to company.....


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This is the newest addition to the Rev line up, I bought something similar to this for my "Go

Pro" a while ago and when I put my camera on the thing it just spun around.....ani_wallbash.gif Being

who we are and what we do I put the problem in front of Joe and Dave and being who they

are they made me a better one and lighter to.....ani_yahoo.gif So here it is the new "Rev Wand", it is

60 inches, 5 sections, and made of carbon fiber and really gets the job done at a very cheap

price of $69.00 with the head..... So do you need a stocking stuffer for your "Rev" flier or

for someone that needs to get those hard to get shots, well here it isani_smoke.gif , just an American

made product from some good old boys out in the hills of Poway Ca.. You got to love this

job....... Benani_yahoo.gifani_yahoo.gifani_yahoo.gif

Thanks Joe and Dave




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Has anybody found a reliable way to attach a GoPro to a Rev?

I've seen it done, roughly, by using cable ties to affix to the LE through the screen pointing back at the flyer.

Hmm, I wonder if you could put a Velcro patch on the centre of the sail on use that..

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