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Rev kite for small breezes and urban kiting




my name is Melanie, I want to buy a rev kite, but the main problem is that we have only small breezes in the middle of Germany. Which kite should  I choose??? After the beginning and a lot of excersises I would like to fly in very small locations inside my town (with 500000 residents) because the distance to suitable locations is very far.

Do I need race rods in this case?

I look forward to your answers

Thank you



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The XX is a good choice for light winds. The diamond frame is the lightest in weight, but I don't know if it is still available. Even with the correct equipment it will take some time to learn to fly in light winds. Light wind is a major challenge, even for experienced flyers. You must learn the basics first and then learn special technique and kite settings before you can easily keep the kite in the air. It is not as easy as it looks in the videos. It is like learning to play chess. First you must learn all the moves each piece can make, then you must learn when to make those moves, then you must learn how to put them all together to play a game. 

Good luck and have fun. Remember to breathe, and smile.

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