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Super Spider! And more.


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1 hour ago, riffclown said:

Well the springs just didn't click with me..

You do realize that the Classic with standard verticals IS the exact same kite as the B-Series, but updated with folded leading edge, improved stitching on the trailing edge and wear strips right?  It fits the same frames and everything.  If you don't like the springs then just swap them out.  We'll do that for you free of charge.  Also, the Spider also has the Reflex technology on it....again, just swap the verticals and it is the exact same as the old models.

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I do realize the new stuff is the old stuff without the extra parts I want and use, but with new features I don't use.  I no longer get the extra leading edge. That's $45-ish worth of hardware I have to buy separately now to get the "same kite"   I appreciate the offer to swap things around but I'll pass on the new line of sails. If I change my mind you are always on the short list to buy from.   AWOC, We go further back than you even remember. Even before we met on PKF, my first real powerkite came from you...

FWIW, I already sold the Reflex I had. It was a great kite and has a great home now that will fly it.

It's not personal, I just can't be sold on the new technology when I did try it for a full season and passed it on. I responded to this thread because the Leading Edge conversation and Endcaps topics were discussed and that's something I feel strongly about.  My comment " Can't see buying a technology I'll not use." still rings true for me.. I'll wait and see for a while. Maybe I'll wait until they start filtering down to the secondary market.

Back to topic,  I think the Spider layout looks very cool, but my high wind bag currently reflects the Eliot Shook pedigree for Rev's. Who knows, I might fly one and just have to have it but I'll at least wait until that happens..


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