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My Next Stack (Trifinity)


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I ordered 2 Trifinity Rainbows today.. They will be the front and back kites for my next stack.

I'm Thinking middle 2 kites to be solid black. Thoughts??

What would look good between the two?... .Other than two more Trifinity Rainbows please..

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To tell you truth I am not up to date on the color schemes REV presently produces. So if you want one of those Lolly is your best bet.

I personally would mix in other Trinfinity color schemes. The whole list is here: http://johnnmitchell...ity2/index.html

However, you would have to consult with Lolly on which ones are still available. (some are surely sold out)

Then there were two previous string-art designs of which I doubt very few if any are still available.

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Well to be honest, I decided against stacking the Trifinity Revs..

Once I flew this sail I was convinced it was the most fun of all my Revs "as-is".. It was my first experience with a one piece sail and race frame and I just love the control. I traded one of the Rainbows for a Red/White/Blue Trifinity and couldn't be more pleased..I have one on regular lines and one on short lines. Instead of making another stack I'll be expanding the 3 stack in my Avatar to 5 kites as soon as I find a few kites that blend well with the scheme.

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