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This is for the Admins. :)

I was about to post up some new pictures to my Gallery, but it appears that I am already over my limit and can not post any more. I have a couple new Masterpiece Rev's and would hate to have to delete a ton of my others....

Can we increase the amount of space please? I also went through and tried to see if some of the images are just to large and need to be downsized....it says I am using over 500M which seems a bit absurd. If I have some images that are too large, please let me know which ones or how I can view the file sizes and I will try to see if I can reduce them down.


Here's a teaser. :)


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Hi Kent, sorry for the delay - been drowning in tasks here.

I looked at the stats for this forum, and I couldn't find any oddities.

However, I have nearly doubled the gallery storage allowance.

Let me know if you're able to upload now?

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