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Xtra-Vent template?


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Care to share it in a BMP format for easy colouring?


Here it is, especially converted to BMP for you.

In the drawing released by Bazzer, all the small lower panels are "BLACK". This includes the panels surrounding the lower vent.

In the pictures of the "PROTOTYPES" there are some other colors used on those lower panels.

PLEASE CONSULT Bazzer first before using any color other then black on those lower panels. You could incur and extra charge if colors other then black are used on those lower panels.


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Okay, the word is that you can do whatever custom you want. This includes the panels around the bottom vent. Design away!

Of course, custom layouts may be more money ($15-$30 or so in addition) but that has always been the case with the customs.


P.S. A little bird told me that for a small fee you can also choose whatever colour you want for the centre panel too. Logo would still be black or white, but no other restriction. No need to get confirmation on this. You can trust this as accurate.

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