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Looking for the end-all archive of sport kite and festival videos?

Look no further than Kitelife.com... We have over 35GB of video files ready to download!

We've got 295 total videos in the system, all filmed between 1987 and present, with over 100 more still being uploaded to the archives...

Many of the videos also come in WMV, MPG, AVI or MP4 (iPod) format for your viewing pleasure!

At the moment, videos can only be downloaded by official Kitelife Subscribers, although we'll be carving off a modest collection of videos for general visitors in the near future...

You can still browse the listing of files to see what's available without being a subscriber, but cannot download.

Check it out - http://kitelife.com/forum/index.php?autocom=downloads


If you're not a Kitelife forum member OR subscriber and would like to sign up, just register on the forum and select the subscription package you prefer (monthly, 6 month or yearly)... Aside from access to videos, etc, we also hold regular prize drawings for our official subscribers. ;)


If you're already a member of the Kitelife forum but are not a subscriber yet, you can also upgrade your account through your Kitelife forum control panel.


For all you Rev nuts:

Look for "quad", "dogstake" or "MM" (MMB, MMPB, etc) in the name of each video, or use the built in search engine in our downloads section.


Even if you don't subscribe to Kitelife, there's tons of great stuff you can enjoy at no charge...

- 10 years worth of our Bi-Monthly Internet magazine (including the REVisions column by Hathaway)

- Two great out of print publications in PDF format (SKQ and Kite Lines)

It keeps us busy, I hope you all enjoy the Kitelife site as much as we do. ;)

Thanks for reading!

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Must admit it has some good articles, the download speeds have been greatly improved as well, some good vids on there, keep them coming.

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