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24/10/2021 Blackheath




During the early part of the past week I had undertaken repair work on some Revolution leading edges where the mesh had become brittle and partly broken.  Over sewing with a triple step zig zag has served us well in the past.

We needed the 1.5 full vent sails in today’s breeze which was a pleasant change from the stillish air of late.

I was also excited at the possibility of flying the Jørgen Møller Hansen Flare Kite Stack from 1987.  We flew it in September 2019 and I had noted at the time that I thought it would need to be anchored, that it would be too heavy to hand hold.

We set it up today and had a couple of extended flights during which I got some photos and a short piece of video…

And then… the ground anchor failed leaving the stack dragging one of the two barge pins across the ground and not really losing any height.  The main A2 was the first ‘obstacle’ encountered briefly and eventually the stack tangled with the trees of Greenwich Park and we were able to catch up and assess the situation.

After breaking down the lower sails I attached a length of the flying line to the remaining stack and we were able to cross back across the boundary road of the Park and pull the kites free from the trees.

This is not an experience that I will want to repeat.  Fortunately there was no damage or injury so the 3rd Party Insurance cover that we have did not need to be invoked!

(Final Blog copy to this site next week 31st October 2021.  See https://www.felixmottram.com/kiteblog/index.html for future entries.)




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