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Our routine visit to Blackheath was interrupted by the arrival of a fairly intense low pressure system bringing heavy rain and high winds during the course of the morning.  While the rain had mostly passed soon after 11:00am the blustery condition intensified in the early afternoon.  So no kite flying today!

After last Sunday’s incident I had a fairly manic day and a half at home with a window replacement project.  Two week had been suggested by the contractor but the initial installation was completed very quickly and we are still waiting for timing of the finishing work.

After this initial installation I was able to untangle the Jørgen Møller Hansen Flare Kite Stack 1987 and assess the damage from last weekend.  Apart from broken spars there was one tear in sail fabric, one torn seam and some detached bridle lines and eyelets.  I am confident that I will be able to deal with all of this in due course.

I had originally started this blog here on the Revolution Site in 2008 and when the company set up a new web site I extracted my previous entries and maintained a double entry on the original site and my own web site.  As activity here on the Revolution Site has now declined I will no longer be updating this site but will continue at https://www.felixmottram.com/kiteblog/index.html




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