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17/10/2021 Blackheath




Grey with a light southerly wind which was mostly a bit above 6mph but occasionally dropped away.  It was quite wet underfoot as autumn is under way.

We flew full sail 1.5s mostly with Bill Frisell as accompaniment.  I was flying on a new knotless leader configuration.  This worked extremely well at the first outing today.  I’ll probably have to wait another five years or so before being able to confirm a complete success.

Four sets of four ply bungee are now made up for the 1992 Jørgen Møller Hansen Rokkakus either singly or stacked.  I'll also make up some prusik loops for these Roks (bow lines) and also for the Rev Handle leader lines, to cover potential breakage/failure and for other uses!

We flew two of the Rokkakus today, mostly just anchored but requiring occasional intervention as the kites were quite damp and heavy.

(Note for Revolution Site:- I will probably not be continuing to duplicate posts here after the end of October 2021.  I will be posting as normal at:- https://www.felixmottram.com/kiteblog/index.html )




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