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29/08/2021 Blackheath




A light northerly breeze was what we got today; 6mph and sometimes a bit higher!

Full sail 1.5s and an accompaniment by Bill Frisell ‘Valentine’ got us under way.  There was a dark cloud to the SE but it was local and eventually it drifted onwards.

I had hoped to fly the late JMH Composite Kite (Della Porta): Four Squares but knew that the wind was on the light side.  We set it up and I got a few pre-launch snaps but even if there was enough breeze to get the kite into the air there was not enough to keep it there.  These flat kites will slide off towards the edge of the wind window if the breeze is light.  I have noted previously that if it does not feel as if the kite needs to be strongly anchored there isn’t enough wind!

So, no spars were broken in the couple of ground impacts that followed the initial attempt and the kite was wrapped in the normal way.  I did notice some spars that needed some attention to splitting ends so that is a task for an autumn or winters afternoon!

We flew another Rev session before leaving the heath ahead of the Bank Holiday fair opening.




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