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05/09/2021 Blackheath




Following on from last week the wind was a bit lighter and from the north east but there were breaks in the cloud cover even as we travelled towards Blackheath this morning.

An event on the heath meant that our usual site and local parking were not available.  Parking inside Greenwich Park is expensive and the walk to the flying field is longer but once a year is not a problem.

Zens were just fine but I was not sure if the 1992 Rokkakus would fly.  A quick test suggested that there was enough breeze so I set about making a bridle bungee as well as a flying line one based on an initial attempt two weeks ago.  This time I was using new 6mm bungee cord from a marine supplier.  I had some longer spectra and flew on about 35m of 90kg line.

We did catch a few moments video of set-up and flying here:- https://youtu.be/29EHyAqkmA0 Blackheath today 5th September 2021

I had taken 45m Rev flying lines which would have worked but the 35m lines couldn’t hold the same altitude as the Rok was at today.  Having said that it did fall off when pulled at the top of the window so there may have been some thermal assistance.

The 1992 Rev design is being re-made for 2022 and so the hope is to fly eight of them alongside the four 1992 Rokkakus.




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