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22/08/2021 Blackheath




A breeze from the NW was forecast and it was likely to be on the light side so nothing too challenging was planned for today.

Full sail Rev 1.5s were very comfortable throughout the session.  I think that the breeze was about 6mph but it was reasonably consistent.

Tread on the trail by Terry Riley was the starting accompaniment.

I had found a very old set of spectra stack lines and had re-sleeved it with a view to trying out various lengths with the 1992 JMH Rokkakus which now have the new frames.  I wanted to include a shock absorbing bungee in the line for anchored flying and had wondered if it would be practical for a Rev flier to be walking a rokkaku at the same time as flying!

I tried the yellow rok on a short line with the bungee and after a bit of tuning, doubled the line length.  For a light wind we did get some steady flying so it seemed logical to try harnessing the kite and flier.  We did get one rok and three revs in the air but there were no additional hands to catch that on video this time.

We did catch a few moments here:- https://youtu.be/ONDGikbhLF0

We finished with another rev session accompanied by Steve Reich Quartet I,II,III.




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