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15/08/2021 Blackheath




A gentle 10:30am start on Blackheath, slightly drizzly and overcast to begin with but then clearing to a sunny SSW airstream with some cloud blowing past!

Full sail 1.5 Revs today with Bill Frisell ‘Blues Dream’ to start.

After a slight shower and with the sun beginning to appear I set up the blue 1992 JMH Rokkaku on 2.5mm spectra, about 30m and after a test launch and a slight adjustment it flew, anchored, with only the occasional moment when it veered off to one or other edge of the window.

I set a peg in the top bridle connector and later added another half hitch.  We flew the yellow sail but hand held it and caught some still images and possibly some video.

I did fly one of the 1.5 Revs in between the Roks which seemed relatively easy.  Back in 1992 we only had the Rev 1s which might have been a bit ‘heavy’ in today’s conditions.

We concluded the session today with another 1.5 rev flight.




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