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10/08/2021 After Portsmouth




The team had an early start on Saturday 7th August on Southsea Common.  We were flying soon after 8:30am on the car park field with a medley of team tunes…

We re-located to the Art Kite field before the 10:00am start of the event proper and set up the JMH banners.  Flying the RSS Revolution kites continued beside the field until a call was made for us to do a session on the main arena.  A technical issue meant that this was a PA free performance.

Soon after midday I decided that we could try and launch the Jørgen Møller Hansen Double Malay Stack 1994.  I thought that the wind was at the high end for this kite but that we should try the upright tethered preparation.  This did work very well and although a couple of spars were broken along the way it was a great result.  The train was brought down for spar replacements and then launched again.  Finally a broken spine meant that the stack was brought down again but once replaced we gathered the kites from the top end removing the cross spar as we went.

There was then an arena presentation with the Revs, this time with a PA.

The final performance on Saturday was followed by a torrential downpour.

Sunday was a later start, again with c20mph wind throughout.  Performances were on the same schedule as for Saturday and proceedings concluded before 5:00pm.  By that time we had re-packed my car for the return journey to London.




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