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01/08/2021 Blackheath




Light breeze again, from the SW this time.

We set up Zens and were flying some of the time to the accompaniment, once again of Bill Frisell and Thomas Morgan.

Jake arrived as the wind took a break.  We transferred team kites and JMH Parafoils to his car and then proceeded to have a session of called flying even as a light shower passed over.

Then, picking up from last weekend, I set up the late JMH Delta as a target for video recording.  The c6mph breeze was perfect for the kite and happily I had figured out some of the camera controls so that I could record video on auto levels and switch back to manual for still images.

Over the last couple of days the forecasts for the Portsmouth/Southsea weekend have been a bit troubling.  4mph from the north for two days initially, then 20mph from the west for two days more recently.  That just did not feel comfortable.  The latest was 8mph from the south west but this far out it is still likely to change!




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