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25/07/2021 Blackheath




A northerly breeze was forecast again but there was also the possibility of thundery showers today.

The Blackwall Tunnel southbound was closed for maintenance today but we did not know that approaching from the north and assuming the warning lights were left on from the normal Saturday night closure.  The queue for the Rotherhithe Tunnel extended from the exit lane but it moved steadily, if slowly.

The road to Deptford was carrying the same traffic so we arrived at Blackheath somewhat over an hour after leaving Hackney.

Full sail 1.5s with race rods for a while with Bill Frisell and Thomas Morgan as accompaniment.  That combination works well still, after all this time since we first started to free fly in this way.  There was the odd swift and a couple of showers.

I had hoped to do a bit of digital movie recording but had not fully understood the configuration I needed to set on the camera.  The late JMH Delta felt very comfortable in the c6mph breeze on the centre tow point.  I’ll look forward to targeting it again at some point.

Back in Hackney I found the basic clue, that, whereas for still images which I do completely manually, I needed to switch to full auto mode for movie recording!

And then the storm arrived, torrential rain and a multitude of thunder claps.




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