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18/07/2021 Blackheath




The forecasts had indicated high temperatures and a slight northerly breeze.

The northerly breeze was occasional so we occasionally flew Zens.

Pino Palladino & Blake Mills were accompaniment for a time followed by Ron Miles.

I flew the Malinski Modell Deutsche Seewarte 1904 x 0.65 aka Hamburger Diamant Drachen initially on 3mm braided line and then on the deep sky reel with 1.5mm line. We remarked again, how little evidence there was of flying wear and just to prove the point the bottom bridle leg detached and had to be re-tied.  I have to admit that I had not examined the original tie point or knot closely but the new one worked… On looking at one of the photographs back at home I can see that it was one of the mystery knots that I had made a mental note to look at more closely!  Too late now.

I am still puzzled by the exact configuration of the main wing spar and the tensioners but the kite flies well in a light breeze.

As the temperature was still rising and there was little prospect of any more breeze we packed a bit earlier than usual.




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