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11/07/2021 Blackheath




Light winds were forecast again so I had taken the JMH Edo thinking that I might get some photo practice as well as flying.

The clouds were thickening after a sunny start as we approach Blackheath.  There was less breeze than expected, 3 gusting 6 mph probably though I only measured the 3 mph moment.

We set up Zens and started to fly with Pino Palladino & Blake Mills as accompaniment.

When the moment seemed right I set about running out the Edo bridle and setting the spars.  Managing the 17 bridle lines gets easier but there is a challenging moment when a single line is seen to be ‘out of place’ and the whole bridle set has to be looped through to resolve it.  Every time I have done this it seems like magic when the lines all come free, un-entagled!  https://youtu.be/fdnSHHPOzWI  Preparation and flight.

The breeze was just right most of the time and I only came close to a line burn once when letting the kite run free.  I did manage to get some photos and then put the camera away in order to simply enjoy the flying.

At a lull I landed the kite and packed it followed by a final Zen session.

It was towards the end of July last year that our Blackheath sessions really got underway.  This year we have the Portsmouth International Kite Festival taking place on the first full weekend in August.  Let’s hope that it can go ahead as planned.

We have pulled out of the Shropshire event as they have an attendee numbers limit.




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