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04/07/2021 Blackheath




We were not quite sure what the wind was doing as we set up this morning.  In the end full vent 1.5s worked comfortably.  I ran out a new set of lines at the start, which is always a treat. Smooth wraps for a while, anyway, quite apart from exact equal lengths!

I had taken along a JMH Rokkaku that was in our care temporarily after the event last weekend.  I had replaced a rusty component and secured some fraying line ends so it seemed appropriate to give it some air time as well especially against the late Delta with the similar graphic.

I did not get much time on the line of either kite as I was also trying out a new camera lens.  I now have a lens for kite photographs.  The only downside is that it is heavy! https://www.felixmottram.com/decorators/eventpages/Blackheath_2021_07_04.html  Late Rok and Delta.

So we flew for a while and then put the SLKs away and had a final session on the Revs.  Looking over the shoulder it became apparent that the next shower was on course for Blackheath so we packed early.




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