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27/06/2021 Hampstead Heath, Kite Hill.




We arrived on site with quite a few kites (actually over 200…[grins]) including the JMH 1985 Rhombus Kite Train consisting of 81 kites.  I had hoped that we would be able to fly the complete train for the first time since I started the restoration work.

We succeeded! There were a couple of times when the breeze dropped slightly and we had to bring some sections down but eventually there was a period of about one hour when the train was mostly flying from the barge pin stakes.  Train in flight, mostly here:-  https://youtu.be/DafR4An1E1A

Four Rev fliers flew close by for a performance without music during that time.

Eventually the far end of the train was tangled by a public flier so we had to bring the whole thing down rather quickly.  We almost got all the kites back into the arena area before they grounded.

By the time we had broken the train down there was a request for a final Rev demo duly performed by the same four fliers.

The forecast rain held off until we were nearly back at home in Hackney…




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