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20/06/2021 Blackheath




It certainly did not feel like a midsummer day this morning at 10:00am on the way to Blackheath.  There was a thick heavy drizzle limiting visibility somewhat, accompanied by a surfeit of optimism.  The optimism was not completely misplaced and on arrival at Blackheath there was no falling precipitation, just very wet grass.

I had prepared a set of new 100ft lines from an old 120ft set and all that I had hoped to do today was check that they were ok before heading back to sort kites and kit for next Sunday at Hampstead Heath, Kite Hill.

So Zens were set up and flown for a while as the sun occasionally showed its disc!

Then back to Hackney for kite shuffling, bag to bag, just over 200 of them including the trains. Not the most exciting activity but it is some time since I did it last.  Just need to put hands to the bag of tent pegs and all is set!

It seems that the event next Sunday is being advertised from 2-5:00pm and all manner of trickery is on offer.  We’ll see what happens on the day but one thing is sure, there will be no anchored display kites, or so we were told, despite the advertisment image.




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