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13/06/2021 Blackheath




Another summer Sunday on Blackheath with just an occasional passing thermal introducing a semblance of a breeze, momentarily!

As it was expected we set up Zens which were flown intermittently.  While having transported the kite trains I was interested to check the pilot kites, the original Peter Malinski and also the two facsimile kites that I made for his train, one of which we used as a pilot on the Jørgen Møller Hansen this time last year.

We flew all three, briefly.  One of the two kites that I made is still showing a turning bias to the right.  That is not the one to use in heading up either train!

I also began the process of making a set of 100ft Rev lines from an old 120ft set.  It was too hot on the field to deal with the actual knots but the measuring is done!

We will probably have completely different weather next weekend ahead of the following one when we will be at Parliament Hill for an afternoon event, 1:00 - 5:00pm.




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