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06/06/2021 Blackheath




Light winds were forecast somewhere between west and northwest.  There were actually moments of dead calm but the gusts did get to 7mph as recorded.

We had set up Zens and then did a bit of a line checking routine making sure that 100ft lines were available for a forthcoming event.

I also had a look through the kite case to check for missing ‘spring line stops’.  It seemed sensible to check the other SLK lines and also the PL pilot kite which I flew briefly.

I also set up the Alain Micquiaux ‘Switch’ kite which I had not actually flown since acquiring it in January 2020.  Quite like a fighter kite really, subject to a light touch on the supplied line.  There probably was not enough consistent breeze to do it justice but the switching of directions is very neat.

I have fabricated a new bag for the 81 JMH Rhombus Kites 1985 and it is big enough to take the Peter Malinski train from the same period.  Just a couple of remaining adjustments and it will also be ready for that forthcoming event as noted in the Ham and High:- ‘On Sunday, June 27, Heath Hands are organising a community fun day around the Parliament Hill Bandstand which will include a kite flying event organised by the Heath and Hampstead Society.’

The Kite Society have asked us to attend and they may arrange a PA.  If not we’ll take our own local sound system and see what transpires.




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