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20/09/2020 Blackheath




The week of the Dieppe festival in 2014 was sunny throughout but we were not there as a team.  It was another sunny day on Blackheath with a fairly steady NE breeze, mostly about 8-10mph.

Full vented 1.5s again were ‘on rails’, a pleasure to fly.  After a Terry Riley piece ‘Tread on the Trail’ we had Bersarin Quartett, Methoden und Maschinen, Composer: Thomas Bücker on the sound system.  Quite a change!  Some of the silent calls worked very well today <grins>.

On the JMH front I was hoping that there would be enough breeze for the 1993 Della Porta: Nine Squares.  We had not previously had this kite free flying.  At 450 x 450cm and weighing about 5kg it is a bit of a handful.  Setting up and checking the bridle was not too difficult in today’s breeze.  There was only one loop through to resolve.  The kite then launched smoothly on the circa 60m of 4mm line that I had prepared yesterday…

A certain amount of ground walking was needed to keep the kite up towards the top of its window.  When the stronger gusts blew through it was clear that the underlying breeze was only just enough. Today’s video is here:- https://youtu.be/7Y_86MhNOrw

The weather is really due to break during this coming week but we may be back in lock-down so what occurs next Sunday may be academic, sadly!





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