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13/09/2020 Blackheath




Another glorious September day, the last late summer burst of warmth spilling up from the south with a light SW breeze.  I had been following the forecasts all week again and was hoping for the 10mph that the Met Office had been suggesting.  We got a bit less.

Even so, it was full vented 1.5 kites that we set up initially although a mid vent was all that was available for an extra flier today.  There was a short called session with Bill Frisell providing accompaniment.

The JMH project for today was to fly two of the compositions from the late 90s together as Jørgen had recorded them in his pdf record.  The Triple Malay Stack from 1988 and the Double/Single Eddy from 1989 were set up, launched and flown together.  This was a logistical achievement and required a certain amount of patient untangling as well as a lot of leaning down to ground level as Jacob observed half way through building the first set!

A  video is uploaded to You Tube https://youtu.be/L9WlI6YNqvo

The sky was still cloud free when we left.  I expect there will be changes later in the week!




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