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06/09/2020 Blackheath




A glorious September morning with a light westerly breeze, 6mph and gusting to quite a bit more occasionally.

Zens with race rods were sparkly in the sunshine and similar to the clouds that started to form and melted away initially.  Musical accompaniment from the start was Bill Frisell Valentine, a recent release!

While I had originally expected to fly the JMH parafoils today, plan B, in the lighter wind was his 1995 Edo.  The 17 bridle lines came clear with only one loop through so the kite was in the air in a relatively short time.  Conditions were just about perfect for this kite and the catenary of the bridle lines was on full show at the top of the window!  I managed to catch some video of the kite and lines from the side. https://youtu.be/imLC6yPwLF0 Video from today - Edo 1995

Maybe we will have a stick free fly (excluding the Revs of course) sometime during the Autumn.

The early scattered clouds gradually thickened and by the time we left it was a grey cloudscape with highlights and evidence of convective activity even if showers had not developed.




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