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27/09/2020 Blackheath




Low flat grey clouds occasionally thinned to  fleetingly show the disc of the sun.  There was a Northerly breeze which measured about 11 - 15mph once I found the magic key press on the new wind meter!  It was initially showing ‘hold’.

RSS Revs were fine until shortly after 1:00pm when there was a longer lull which provided a convenient hint that it was time for lunch off site.  Terry Riley Assassin Reverie, Tread on the Trail played by Arte Quartett had just come to an end as well…

Earlier we had put together the Peter Malinski Yakko Stack with a Peter Lynn pilot kite.  I had prepared a spreader for the top kite to prevent it being collapsed by the pilot and had set up a provisional ground anchor connection.  Once launched we found that the best result was achieved by leaving the stack to sort the twists which it did, mostly anyway, after our earlier hand holding proved inadequate.    A link is here:- <a href=“https://youtu.be/rHoPOmnbHQM">Yakko Stack</a>

New rules did not prevent us meeting today but I suspect that may change soon.  The forecast for next weekend is for rain and wind so maybe we will not be flying.




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